Mariamu Abdallah (right) and Issa Hamad (left) are proud of their home. The three-bedroom house is located in Mnenia village, in the northern-most Tanzanian district of Kondoa. 

Inside there is a bedroom for themselves, one their two daughters, one for their two sons and they are all kept dry from the rains. They are pleased their hard work has enabled them to move into such a beautiful home in February 2018.

But it wasn’t always this way.

10 years ago the family were living in different house. It didn’t have enough rooms for all their children, which meant some were sleeping in the family sitting room. When it rained, the old house’s tin roof leaked and drenched their possessions.

Photo caption: The first photo shows Mr. and Mrs. Issa Hamad standing at the house they lived in before and the one they live in today.

It was while they were living in this house that Issa Hamad saw demonstration plots of vegetables using hybrid seeds and recommended agricultural practices by a program called SEVIA.

SEVIA is dedicated to improving the skills of farmers in Tanzania through collaboration between East-West Seed, Rijk Zwaan and Wageningen University and Research Centre.

When he saw the high yields the seeds combined with tried-and-tested techniques provided, Issa Hamad decided to join SEVIA in 2015.  He moved away from growing maize (corn) and sunflowers toward vegetable crops such as onion, tomato and cabbage where he has found great success.

ROI gif

The program also enabled him to maximize the vegetable yields on his small plot using hybrid seeds, which provided him with the capital that has helped him move into his new home in 2018.

And it doesn’t end there. Mr. Issa wants to continue work with EWS-KT as a key farmer in order to further increase his knowledge of farmer and share this information with other farmers in his community. 

Graph caption: The average Return on Investment (ROI) for completed SEVIA demonstration plots between 2017 - 2018 was 3:1. This ROI is an average across 173 key farmers and across all crop types.


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