Lysette Lacambra


Happy farmers means happy extension workers. 

After starting out as a Technology Transfer Specialist in the Philippines for East-West Seed 11 years ago, Lysette moved into her current role in Thailand earlier this year. As part of East-West Seed Knowledge Transfer it is her role to “support the knowledge transfer to all our extension workers in the company in over seven countries around Asia.” She does all of this with a constant smile on her face.


“To complement the good seeds we provide, we also supply the good knowledge to farmers to grow them. With better knowledge and skills they can produce better crop yields,” she shares. For her, “Happy farmers means happy extension workers. There is no greater satisfaction than seeing your hard work have such a positive impact on farmers’ lives.”

Lysette’s personal journey took her away from Asia to study Plant Pathology in the Netherlands, “which East-West Seed was so supportive of,” she reveals, “I so enjoyed my two years there being updated on the latest innovations in plant science. But it made me realize that my passion is wearing overalls, not a lab coat.” This realisation led her back to East-West Seed to take up the Knowledge Transfer role where her work is, “strengthening the capacity of our knowledge transfer team by developing, sharing and consolidating our technical knowledge.”


Team :

Current position : Knowledge Transfer Technical Coordinator

Works for East-West Seed since : 2005

Based in : Chiang Mai, Thailand


Wageningen University
MSc Plant Sciences, Specialization: Plant Pathology and Entomology / Minor: Bioinformatics

University of the Philippines

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Plant Pathology 2001 – 2005

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